Tips for Moving.. to Alexan North Station!

Moving can be very stressful and expensive but it’s also be exciting and rewarding here at Alexan North Station. Here are some tips that can help your move go smoothly!


Once you find your new home, give yourself at least a 60-day time frame for the official day you take possession of your apartment. Start by sorting the things that you are donating, taking or throwing out. It is best to throw out anything that you haven’t used in months or at all (those shoes for yard work when you don’t have a yard anymore.) Start collecting boxes, tape and bubble wrap from local businesses for free like: liquor stores, coffee shops and grocery stores. You have to schedule your utilities to be transferred and also a change of address with the post office because it takes some time for it to take effect. Also, it’s nice to cushion your current move out date to overlap with your move in date! You’ll have a couple of days to get settled in and move little by little. As you know, moving companies are normally expensive so the best thing to do is grab a bunch of your friends and have them help you load and unload a U-Haul truck. “Who wants some pizza & beer!”

Start Packing

You have already sorted out your things so packing should be pretty easy. Anything fragile make sure it’s wrapped with bubble wrap or newspaper so they don’t break. Don’t forget to pack cleaning supplies and keep that readily available in case you want to touch clean your new apartment! You won’t have to do that here at Alexan North Station, we’ve got you covered. Label your boxes because it’s a headache when you don’t know what box is what! “OH NO WHERE ARE MY PANTS!?”

Moving Day

The time has come and you should be excited! It’s easy to stress out over little details but with your planning and days overlapping, you’ll be just fine. When you arrive at the leasing office with your bags packed we will be here to walk you through your new apartment home and make sure everything is up to your standards. And you can have peace of mind it will be because we will make sure it’s up to our standards beforehand.

Your New Life

Ahhhh *sigh of relief* you are settled in and chose the best apartments in Sandy Springs. Better yet, the best apartments in Georgia! At Alexan North Station, what sets us apart from other apartment communities in the area are our amenities. Alexan North Station has several outdoor amenities including: Al Fresco Grilling & Dining Area, Fireside Terrace, Dog Park and Walking Trails. Conveniently located by grocery stores, shopping and restaurants, Alexan North Station is the perfect mix between suburbs and city. We are located right across from North Springs’ Marta Station meaning you’re connected to Downtown Atlanta, Midtown and Little Five Points.

Happy Moving Day from your team at Alexan North Station!

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