3 Ways To Cure Post-Vacation Blues in Your Apartment

Are you suffering from the post-vacation blues? We’ve all been there.

Getting acclimated to daily routine following days or weeks of travel can be tricky. After an extended period of leisure, we often throw ourselves back into the grind, instead of taking time to re-calibrate. This summer, ease back into the swing of things with these healthy post-vacation activities.

Cook a Meal Inspired by Your Travels







Extend the culinary aspect of your vacation by bringing the cuisine you loved home with you. If you’re unable to get a few things through customs, no worries, simply head to your local market and recreate the dish. The tapas you enjoyed in Barcelona can easily be replicated...

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Live Healthy With These 3 Morning Habits

Mornings aren’t for everyone. Some wake up refreshed and eager to seize the day, while others seize the snooze button. Whether you’re an AM or a PM person, there are various steps you can take in the morning to set yourself up for success for the rest of the day.

Here’s how you can conquer your health regimen bright and early:

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3 Summer Recipes That Utilize Homegrown Herbs

Warm weather invites sunshine to stream through windows, welcoming plants and herbs to thrive in your apartment. If you have a green thumb and are the proud owner of an indoor herb garden, you know now is the time to...

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July 4th Around the World

It’s almost time to break out the American flag, douse yourself in red, white and blue and embrace all things USA as America’s Independence Day is nearly upon us.

4th of July is an important national holiday in the US that commemorates the Declaration of Independence established 241 years ago in 1776.

Ever since that fateful day, the holiday has been a mighty display of...

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3 Ways to Live Your Bliss

Go Tech-Free One Night a Week


Sinking into a moment, free of notifications and the glow of a screen, is conducive to truly living your bliss. There are many steps you can take to detox from tech, and one of those is enjoying and/or hosting an evening free of phones, television, tablets, etc. Whether it’s for a party of one or for your closest pals, this is a resolution...

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