New Year, New You.. For Real This Time

So, we’re almost a week into 2018! Have you already given up on your New Year’s Resolution? No worries! Productive goals are for any time. Here is a fool-proof plan for sticking to your goals.

Firstly, Decide what your goal is.

Really sit down and meditate on why you want it. The reason is going to be the driving force on whether you actually get started and keep it going. It is your motivator, and it will help to stay on track when you’re just not feeling like going to the gym on that cold morning. Try to figure out why it is that you’re making this change. Are you seeking a pleasure or are you running from a pain? Either way, there is no bad reason. You made this choice for a reason. Now figure it out and stick to it!

Secondly, Figure Out How Long Achieving This Goal Is Going To Take.

The time should be realistic and achievable. Don’t let the duration get you discouraged, but remember that all good things take time to achieve. No best/worse case time goals, but the exact time that you want to have met that goal by. You’re on your way!

Thirdly, Create the Plan.

This is the part that requires you to be creative about your journey so put your phone down and pull out a planner. Don’t try to nail every detail, give yourself some wiggle room. Start by chunking small achievements into small parts, which will help give you a boost along the way. Start slow and end strong. When creating the plan ease yourself into the shift. Then continue to push yourself and build momentum to finish strong!

Finally, Commit!

Without the commitment there is nothing to hold you to your goal. Believe in yourself and hold yourself accountable. A good practice might be to write the plan and sign it at the bottom. Yes, like a contract! You are making a promise to yourself. And with these tools in place you are sure to achieve your goal!

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