3 Ways to Live Your Bliss

Go Tech-Free One Night a Week


Sinking into a moment, free of notifications and the glow of a screen, is conducive to truly living your bliss. There are many steps you can take to detox from tech, and one of those is enjoying and/or hosting an evening free of phones, television, tablets, etc. Whether it’s for a party of one or for your closest pals, this is a resolution that offers ultimate relaxation. One option is to turn off the lights, draw a bath, and enjoy some reading amongst candlelight. If you’d rather entertain, cook a fantastic dinner and host a game night. Make sure your guests turn their phone off, not on silent, for a night of uninterrupted fun.


Schedule Time For Your Happiness


Take a look at your planner. There’s a good chance it’s filled with doctor’s appointments, fitness classes, and professional deadlines. In 2019, we’d like to fill those pages with scheduled moments of bliss. Every Sunday night, look at the week ahead as you normally do, and choose activities you love and squeeze them in at opportune times. Perhaps you’ll need a hot stone massage after your rigorous Wednesday workday, or maybe brunch at that new Ethiopian restaurant will be well deserved after your morning cardio. Not only will this liven up your week, but it will also make those Sunday scaries less daunting as you sprinkle some fun into the days ahead.



Practice Selflessness


Happiness should be shared, which is why our final resolution is to live in a way that fills someone else with bliss. There are endless ways to be kind to others. Whether you gift a stranger with a smile or become active in philanthropic work, these efforts are bound to become contagious. If you’re looking to work selflessness in your day-to-day, make it a priority to become mindful of your surroundings. Helping an elderly neighbor with their groceries, letting someone go ahead of you in traffic, and even treating the person behind you to their latte are all ways to spread the love. If you’re eager to tackle a specific project, think of an issue you’re passionate about and get out on the ground to make a difference.

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