3 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly This Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and we’re already getting swept up into the thrills of the season. While this time of year is the perfect time to indulge, it also offers a chance to look at your holiday habits and assess if they’re Eco-friendly or not. With traditions like bulk candy purchases, one-time costumes, and disposable decor, the scariest aspect of the season is all the resulting waste.

Luckily, you can still enjoy the season with these three ways to go green — Halloween style!

Source Candy From Earth-Conscious Companies








Colossal bags of individually-wrapped treats may seem like a classic offering every Halloween, but there are a number of other Eco-friendly options you can find online or at your local health food store. Endangered Species Chocolate Bites are chocolate squares made from ethically traded cacao and a portion of their profits are donated to conservation efforts. Unreal Candy is non-GMO and is certified by Fair Trade USA and its made with organic ingredients including red cabbage, beet root, and carrot juices.


Host a Costume Swap








Halloween is one night of the year to escape from your daily routine and try out a new identity. The only downside to this annual transformation is that it’s hard to reuse a costume under these circumstances. The solution? Host a costume swap party! This is especially convenient for the kiddos who love their store-bought superhero getup’s and movie character ensembles.


Host a Vegan Halloween Bash











Are you hosting a spooktacular soiree at your apartment? Ditch the meat and dairy and throw a plant-based bash! Even the most devoted carnivores can take a night off and will be amazed at how tasty vegan food can be. From pumpkin hummus to stuffed mushroom eyeballs, a vegan Halloween will wow your taste-buds.


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